What Is An APAP Machine

APAP (Automatic Positive Airway Pressure) works in the same principle as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). APAP machine is useful in treating sleep apnea by delivering pressurized air through a mask thus keeping airways free from any obstruction during sleep times.

APAP machine is very important; this is because the air delivered patients helps in preventing the throat from collapsing while sleeping. This makes breathing free throughout the night thus overcoming apnea occurrences. This machine has very many components that ensure that it delivers on its primary objectives. The components include the following

APAP humidifier

The design of this machine’s humidifier is stylish in order to give that perfect therapy. The humidifier is important in offering therapy in various modes in support of one’s treatment needs. The humidifier has an integrated heater; this makes it comfortable and very reliable for those people who are always on the move. It is not heavy and is compact a reason that it is convenient for those on the move as it is easy and simple to carry. It has an elegance appearance a reason that it fits anywhere within the home. It does not display a bad image for instance if you have guests or visitors in your home. The humidifier has a display unit that is important on checking the level of water in the machine. When it is red led, then it is a warning that the level of water has gone low. In essence, the humidifier increases the patient’s comfort by removing dryness of compressed air. The humidifier helps in turning the temperature on and off where necessary and this end up working passively.

APAP mask

This is another important component of APAP machine. These are liners which are cloth based and are used in preventing leakage of excess air. In addition, the masks help in reducing the irritation that may occur on the skin due to irritations. On the other hand, the masks are useful in holding the head in position while undergoing apnea treatment. The design of the masks is they cover the whole face but not necessarily one’s vision. It is also worth to note that the masks come in various sizes that they fit everyone. These variations make them cost differently.

What is an apap machine

APAP pillow

These are special pillows made for use with APAP machines. The pillow helps patients in overcoming pressure from various points when undergoing treatment. If the mask is leaking, the pillow helps in preventing such kind of leakages, which may end up affecting the whole process of treatment. The materials used in the manufacture of the pillows are important. They are super soft fiber made to enhance comfort and functionality of the machine. The pillows come in various sizes thus giving patients the ability to choose the one that benefits them. This may also depend on other factors for instance the one that is best for women may not be best for men. The shape of the pillow is cut out in such a way to increase comfort when in use especially after undergoing surgery.

Reasons for choosing APAP over other machines

Almost all APAP machines can switch mode to CPAP mode. This makes it very convenient especially when automatic pressure adjustments become a problem. This is an important component as it allows users to enjoy both modes in the machine.

APAP machines are able to adjust automatically to various pressure settings between high range to low range. This is important, as not all people have the same breathing demands all through the night. When rolling from one side to another side while sleeping, the machine is able to lower pressure thus helping in treating apnea.

Those with allergies and cold that come seasonally, APAP works very well in ensuring that breathing difficulties are not experienced. During these times, more pressure is required to overcome apnea events and the machine automatically achieves this.

The machine is able to accommodate changes that may take place in the body such as weight loss and weight gain. CPAP machines are not able to handle such kind of changes in the end thus making APAP machines better and preferable in terms of dealing with sleep apnea events. With other machines, there is need to adjust the titration in order to meet these changes in weight and other parameters. In terms of cost, the machines are cost effective owing to the fact that they perform an important role in overcoming sleep apnea.

Disadvantages of APAP machines

APAP machines work under algorithms and it is worth to note that machines from different manufacturers use different algorithms. This is a challenge especially when prescribing a machine to someone. This is not the case with CPAP machines. CPAP machines are of the same standard that makes it easier in giving a prescription to someone. A professional technician must prescribe APAP machines.

APAP allows changes in pressure automatically. However, these changes may sometimes be slow in reacting with pressure requirements when hit with apnea events. Dialing of optional pressure is the only way to succeed with APAP machines. This must be handled with extra caution to avoid frustrations and inability to meet apnea requirements.

In comparison to CPAP machines, APAP machines cost a little bit higher. This is a challenge to many people who may be in dire need of this machine. It is also very costly to upgrade CPAP machines to APAP machines. The inability to afford these machines means that their goodness can only be felt by a few who can afford them.

In conclusion, APAP machines are the best for those patients with sleep apnea. They are efficient and effective in managing sleep apnea events thus giving patients the kind of comfort and sleep that they need very much. Taking care of patients of various needs is also a benefit that accrues from these machines. Even though they are a little bit expensive, they are stylish and are nice looking. They can be used anywhere with no much worry about how they look as they are elegant and stylish to an extent that they can be used when on the move.