How to Treat Chronic Insomnia Naturally

Chronic insomnia reduces mental clarity and energy while raising the risk of mortality. Although everyone experiences the occasional insomnia, some people struggle with sleeplessness for extended periods of time. In case you are experiencing chronic insomnia, consider the following natural remedies:

1. Music

If you have trouble falling asleep, consider listening to soft, calming music when you go to bed. Research shows that people who listen to calming music a couple of minutes before they go to bed will end up enjoying improved sleep quality than those who do not. Just ensure that you pick something that is soothing enough. The volume should also be on the low.

2. Exercise

Physical exercise is important for sleep and overall health. As long as you do not do it close to your bedtime, you should be able to treat insomnia. One of the metabolic triggers that will help prepare your body for sleep is a lowering in body temperature. However, since exercise will elevate your body temperature for a couple of hours, doing it in the evening will contribute to your chronic insomnia.

The solution: try and exercise for 20 to 30 minutes every day, but do it 5 to 6 hours before you hit the sack.

3. Power Down

Sleep isn’t an on and off switch. Your body needs adequate time to wind down and ready itself for bed. This is why you should consider practicing the Power Down Hour as recommended by Michael Breus, PhD in The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan.

Complete any chores that you must do before you get into bed for the first 20 minutes. Then, brush your teeth, wash your face, and dress for bed over the next 20 minutes. Last, lie on your bed quietly and start meditating. Focusing on your breathing and its rhythm as well as warding off any negative thoughts will help you fall asleep almost immediately.

4. Cherry Juice

Alcohol is a sleep saboteur. Although it will help you fall asleep fast, it might disrupt your normal sleep cycle and cause you to get up in the dead of night. The alternative: cherry juice.

Cherries are high in melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycles. Research shows that participants who drink tart cherry juice at least 2 times a day will fall asleep sooner than those who drink a placebo beverage.

5. Cool Down

Research also shows that the optimal room temperatures for proper sleep are between 60 and 68 degrees. In a recent University of Pittsburg study, researchers found that insomniacs who wear special caps to lower body sleep were able to fall asleep almost as fast as the other study participants who did not suffer from chronic insomnia. The cooling cap helped the insomniacs by reducing brain metabolic activity. It also set a normal sleep cycle in motion.

Although this cap hasn’t been released into the market yet, you can keep your bedroom relatively cool. Alternatively, consider wearing breathable clothing or sleeping in the nude to welcome the sandman faster and beat chronic insomnia.

Concluding Thoughts

Most doctors will prescribe sleeping pills for chronic insomniacs. However, these pills are a health disaster. Instead, consider making specific adjustments to your daily activities. These adjustments will add up and improve your ability to fall asleep faster and for longer periods of time. The recommendations above should provide you with an excellent starting point. Try them out today and wave goodbye to chronic insomnia.