Pure Sleep Device Reviews

Pure Sleep Device Reviews

Are you having snoring problems? Pure sleep is a mouth piece device that has been designed to provide a solution to all the snorers out there. It was designed by a dentist known as Dr. Fenton Douglas. He was a snoring sufferer who sought for a solution and in turn came up with the Pure Sleep device.

What is it?

What is this Pure Sleep device solution? Pure sleep is a mouth piece device that works by holding your lower jaw a bit forward. You do not need to worry about feeling uncomfortable because the shift of the jaw is very slight.

Pure sleep is widely known as a result of its credibility. It was originally sold by its inventor, Dr. Fenton to his snoring patients. Later during the years it became so popular and was adopted by Mr. Lindsay a businessman, who made the device accessible to the general public. Since then it has become a popular brand in the market and is one of the best sellers in the midst of many other snoring devices.

General Features of the Pure Sleep

The device comes as a two piece, for holding the top and the lower jaw.

The device is characterized by a jaw adjustment feature that works by allowing the lower part of the device to move in three different positions. This of course is an important feature because the resting position of the jaw is different from individual to individual. As a result having the capability to make an adjustment to align to one’s jaw resting position is a key feature.

The material used to make the Pure Sleep allows you make your own custom made piece. After purchase put the device in hot water; remove it and put it in your mouth. This allows it to create a custom mold for your mouth. It is important to leave it in your mouth for approximately one minute while it cools to ensure it creates an impression.

How does it work?

Snoring is normally caused by blockage of the airway. These airways are blocked by soft tissue at the back of the throat. When the throat muscle relaxes, it partially blocks the airway which results to vibration of the back throat tissues. This produces a sound which we know as snoring.

To correct this problem, the mandibular device works by slightly retaining the jaw to open the airway. The Pure Sleep device creates a wider opening in airway which prevents the vibrations that result to snoring.

The Pure Sleep is based on a simple principle: no obstruction equals no vibration and no vibration equals no snoring.

Before use, make sure you spray your mouth with the required medicine and wash. Remove any partial dentures that you may have.

Pure sleep works best if you are sleeping on your stomach or on your side.

Advantages of Pure Sleep

· The device has been accredited by FDA. As a result it is guaranteed that the device is safe for use.

· It is also accessible to the general public. You can buy it online or from your nearest drug store.

· It offers the luxury of customer fitting.

· It is characterized by three settings that offer comfortability during use.

· It is easy to maintain and use

· This is a snoring solution that is quite affordable unlike many other avenues.

Disadvantages of Pure Sleep

· It loses shape in the long run. After continuous use reheating the device does not fix the lost shape problem.

· Apart from the three settings that come with the device; you cannot adjust it further after remodeling. The limited settings also create no room for mistakes during preparation.

· Information on materials used is vague. Despite the fact that it has been cleared with the FDA, information on material used has been limited to hard and soft plastic.

Does it hurt?

The experience of putting on Pure Sleep is the same as putting on braces. You may feel like your gums and jaws are sore during the first few days. However; if you feeling a sharp pain that is ongoing it may be as a result of a condition known as temporomandibular disorder. If you having sharp pains while using the device discontinue using it and contact your nearest dentist.

If you also suffer from TMD you should not use the device.

Pure Sleep Customer Reviews

This snoring solution has received tones of positive reviews as a result of its efficiency and functionality

The few complaints that have been brought forward by customers mainly revolve around adjustability. Before you adjust to using the device, you might suffer from symptoms like jaw soreness, inability to keep the through the night and dry mouth. It takes two to three days to adjust. After this period these issues resolve their self.

Similar devices are also coupled with the same experience so it is not exclusively Pure Sleep that is faced with these concerns.

All in all, a vast majority of people have experienced success while using the product. Being a worldwide best seller does not mean you won’t have a few dissatisfied customers.


Are you considering buying the Pure Sleep snoring device? You do not have to worry about hefty prices associated with snoring devices as it goes for approximately $60. You can also look for coupon opportunities and buy it at a lower price. If you use the device within 30 days and you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund or an exchange.

Wondering where you can get your own pair of Pure Sleep? You can get a pair of the device from a licensed dentist. You can also order online. Before you get a pair for your own use, it might be necessary to seek medical advice from a licensed dentist. This is because Pure Sleep is classified as a medical device and for that reason it might require the approval of a doctor.


Pure Sleep is a great and affordable tool that solves your snoring problem. With this device in your hand, say bye-bye to the snoring days.
The device is not recommended for people with central sleep apnea and asthma. The device is also not recommended for persons under the age 18.