Ideal Tips On How To Cure Severe Insomnia

If your normal sleep pattern remains disrupted continuously for several months at a stretch, and if you face difficulty in falling asleep as well as difficulty in sustaining a sound sleep, then such a complaint regarding poor quality and duration of sleep is termed as “Severe insomnia.”
You need to remember three different types of insomnia – transient, short-term, and chronic or severe. While transient insomnia can be experienced when an individual has to sleep in a new environment and is temporary in nature, short-term insomnia may be caused due to emotional disturbances and mental stress. However, the most severe form of insomnia, which is chronic insomnia, can be caused due to long term degenerative diseases, or as a side effect of the medication taken to cure terminal illnesses. Other factors such as restless leg syndrome, breathing or sleep disorders, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, excessive consumption of caffeine-containing substances, etc. can also contribute towards chronic insomnia.

Treatment of insomnia mainly involves identifying and eliminating the underlying cause of the problem, rather than simply prescribing medicines to induce sleep or to provide symptomatic relief. The best course of treatment for chronic insomnia is to use a combination of both pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological, non-invasive alternative means of treatment to cure insomnia.

Here are some useful insomnia tips that have proved to be extremely helpful in inducing a sound sleep as well as in sustaining the sleep. All the different types of insomnia including chronic insomnia can can be eliminated using these tips.

i. Avoid eating a very heavy meal during night time or drinking coffee (since it contains caffeine, which activates all your senses) or smoking just before going to bed.

ii. Do not go to empty sleep stomach, instead, take a light meal at least 2-3 hours before going to bed.

iii. Exercising during the late evenings can keep your body active even when your senses are aching for sleep. As a result, sleep eludes you. So, make sure that if you must exercise in the evenings, you do so at least 4-5 hours before you are ready to sleep.

iv. Maintain proper sleep timings. Go to bed and wake up at a specific time every day so that your body gets used to this circadian rhythm.

v. Avoid taking long afternoon naps, since it can greatly fulfill the quota of sleep for the day and you may face difficulty going to sleep.

vi. Never force yourself to remain in the bed even if you are not able to sleep. Just walk out of your bedroom and take a short walk in the fresh air, take a refreshing bath or simply change your clothes and get into a more comfortable pair of night dress.

7. It is advisable maintaining a very cozy environment in the room by adjusting the illumination as well as ventilation and temperature of the room so that the environment is just perfect to induce a good sleep.

8. Never place a television set or your computer or telephone/mobile in your bedroom. Eliminating all forms of distractions and disturbances will provide a better sleep environment.

By mind all these essential tips in mind, you stand a far great chance at conquering chronic insomnia and finally getting a good night’s sleep.