5 Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

5 Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

Is snoring too much of a problem to you? Has it affected your relationship with others around you? If it has, you should face it and look for ways to eliminate it. You can start yoga exercises or purchase anti-snoring mouthpieces. The following are some of the best mouthpieces that can work for you:

1. Snorex

Snorex mouth piece functions as a jaw retaining device and Apnea Sciences Corporation manufactures it. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved this mouthpiece. The device has many similar features to those of other anti snoring devices. It sustains lower jaw forward position and therefore prevents airway blocking. Blockage of airways is the primary cause of snoring. A single Snorex costs $99.

The mouthpiece includes a micro-adjustment calibrator which ensures effectiveness and comfort. You can easily adjust the mouthpiece in 1mm increments. The absence of screws, springs, rods and rubber bands makes this mouthpiece to stand out as more effective. Therefore, it is very easy to adjust the device to fit into your requirements. As an added benefit, the mouthpiece never causes constant pressure to the jaws which may cause temporomandibular joint disorders or pains.

The manufacturer makes the mouthpiece with medical grade components and copolymers and therefore you should be sure of comfortable use. It also features a trademarked Flex-Jaw feature which facilitates controlled lateral movements. Furthermore, it a thermal fit design which delivers a precise fit to the patient’s mouth. Its V-flow feature facilitates unhindered air flow through the mouth. With its unique design and easier and precise incremental adjustments, Snorex is ideal solution for your snoring problems.

2. Zquiet

Zquiet is another mandibular advancement device made of very soft rubber-like material. It holds the lower jaw forward therefore widening airways and facilitating free air movement and prevents restriction of air inflow. The actual material that the producer uses to make this device is a thermoplastic elastomer that doesn’t contain latex or BPA’s.

It functions just like the other MAD devices even though the manufacturer hinges it at the jaw, naming it the “living hinge” technology. This allows the mouth to move freely and you can be able to talk easily or even sip some water without having to remove the device. It also features breathing holes in its front which are beneficial to people who breathe through their mouth when asleep. If you use it regularly, possibly, the device will last for several months.

It is usable right from the box although it may need some customization to achieve optimal performance. The manufacturer also offers a 30 day free trial. But you will have to pay $9.95 as the processing and shipping cost which is not refundable and pay it upfront.

Zquiet is much thinner than the typical self-fitted “boil and bite” mouthpieces. Overall, users of this mouthpiece have reported better results and the company website reports 94% as the success rate. Most users report that the device works from the start.

3. Vitalsleep

Vitalsleep is designed to hold your lower jaw in a forward position when you are asleep. By doing this, it ensures that your airways remain free from any obstructions. If you are like many other snorers, you might have not noticed how the snoring sound you produce wakes up your spouse several times in a single night. Generally, the snoring sound comes as a result of your jaw relaxing and blocking the airways.

As you force the air through the small openings, your soft tissues vibrate and as a result you produce the snoring sound. Vitalsleep holds the lower jaw in the right position and keeps the airways open throughout the night. In addition to helping solve the snoring problem, the device also ensures that your lungs get enough oxygen.

The devices come in two sizes. The regular size is suitable for men while the small is ideal for women. Just like the other MAD, this device utilizes the boil and bite technique therefore offering the best customized fit.

Vitalsleep also allows for incremental lower jaw adjustments. This way, you are able to attain the right positioning for your mouth. With the features, you are able to sleep comfortably throughout the night. It has a Hex tool which you use to make the adjustments.

4. Snore guard

Snore Guard retains your jaw by holding your lower jaw forward. To achieve the result, you will have to fit it over your teeth. It utilizes the mandibular repositioning technique, utilized by many other competitors. The device prevents airways narrowing which can prevent smooth breathing and also create a bad sound.

The device comes in one piece design. And you will not need to use any wires or elastic bands when fitting it. However, you will not wear it immediately after removing it from the packaging box. You will need the help of a dentist when fitting it for the first time. The dentist starts by softening the inner lining to ensure that the mouthpiece properly fits inside your mouth. Dentists and physicians have prescribed the mouthpiece since 1989 and it is therefore safe to use.

The device has some drawbacks. To purchase it, you will need a dentist prescription contrary to the other devices which you can easily purchase from stores. And you will also need to pay a dentist to custom fit the product.

5. Good Morning Snoring Solution (GMSS)

GMSS utilizes tongue displacement technology and therefore eliminates snoring problems permanently. Unlike the MAD devices which holds your lower jaw forward, this device holds your tongue in forward position. This removes the chances of gravity pulling the tongue backwards when sleeping which can cause airway blocking.

If your tongue falls back, the soft tissue vibrates while it forces air out. This creates the snoring sound. The theory behind the device is that if you are able to hold your tongue in the right place while asleep, air will flow freely into and out of your lungs. This will ensure that your body gets enough oxygen that you need.

With the devices, you will not need to go for yoga classes or do any exercises to eliminate snoring issues naturally. You will be able to use the devices easily and also attain better results. Most users in their reviews have expressed good results after using the devices. Finally, it’s important to not that the devices are very safe.

Does Snore Guard Really Work

does snore guard really work

Snore guards reduce snoring problems and even cure them completely. It solves the problems associated with snoring for both you and your partner. Your partner will remain awake due to your snoring and you will wake up feeling tired rather than refreshed and ready for the days work.

Over 45% of all adult men and more than 35% of adult women have snoring problems. Most of them will experience snoring for a few nights in every week. 25% of adults are habitual snorers. The problem never seizes and it worsens as a person’s age increases. A person snores more if he/she have a congestion problem from an allergy or from a cold or in case they use alcohol or a sedating medication. Furthermore, gaining more weight can lead to snoring.

What is snore guard?

Snore guard is an FDA clinically proven patented appliance that eliminates snoring problems. It features an airflow technology that prevents your jaws from dropping back into your throat which can restrict air passage. The device keeps your airway open and therefore prevents snoring.

Snore guard has to be fitted by a qualified dentist. It features a special interior lining softened with heat during fitting process. In addition, every unit is custom fit so that it can suit any individual need. The device fits snugly over a patient’s top teeth and keeps the chin comfortable and in a slightly forward position while the patient is asleep. This keeps your airways open and therefore reduces or prevents snoring.

FDA has approved snore guard in curing two problems, which include snoring and moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Over five clinical studies have recommended snore guard usage as they found it to be 99% effective in snoring treatments. It is comfortable and easily fit. It is a single piece without wires, elastic belts or even screws. Furthermore, its fitting never requires external lab work. A qualified dentist can easily fit it within a short period of 10-15 minutes.

Types of snore guard

There are three main types of snore guards readily available and which can highly assist you in solving your snoring problem. They are fixed jaw relation snore guard, semi adjustable snore guard and fully adjustable snore guard.

• The fixed jaw snore guard

There are two types of fixed snore guards. The first type is a prefabricated mouthguard while the second type is an elastomeric device. The prefabricated type is the cheapest and it is an over the counter treatment for snoring problems. The device is also known as the “boil and bite” appliance. Before using the device, you have to first boil it and then bite into it while still soft. This creates a custom impression of the shape of your teeth.

Elastomeric appliance has similar features to those of the “boil and bite” appliance. However, it is more expensive and to fit it you have to visit a dentist. The dentist has to take your teeth mold to customize the appliance for proper fitting. After the dentist has taken the impressions of your lower and upper teeth, he sends the molds off to a lab to allow customization of the guard. One benefit of this type is that it is made out of tough silicone rubber and therefore it hardly breaks.

• Semi adjustable snore guard

This is the second category of snore guards. A dentist makes this type of snore guards similarly to the elastomeric appliances. He starts by taking a plaster mold of both the upper and the lower teeth. The difference between this type and the elastomeric guards is that the lab that makes them produces them as plastic bits in two different trays. The two pieces are then attached using a simple hinge. The model allows you to open your mouth and also close it while sleeping and keeps your jaws in place.

• Fully adjustable snore guards

This is the most expensive among all the types and a dentist has to customize it for you. Jack screw assembly holds together the bits and therefore your dentist can progressively adjust the appliance to increase the jaw protrusion you adopt while sleeping. The device also enjoys the highest success rate and therefore most users believe that it is worth their money.

How to use snore guard

The fitting process requires you to visit a dentist. This process never requires any laboratory work, drugs or X- rays. The dentist only prepares the oral appliance by dipping it into hot water to soften it. After three minutes or when it is slightly cool, the dentist places the mouthpiece into your mouth so that you can bite into the plastic for a custom fitting. After a period of 30 seconds, the dentist removes it from your mouth and trims and smoothes it so that it can fit in your mouth comfortably. It aligns your jaw in comfortable position and prevents your tongue from dropping back into your throat and restricting air passage. It prevents snoring by keeping the airway open.

Is snore guard effective?

Most users of snore guard report of major improvements in their sleep and return of the symptoms once they stop using it. Over 99% of the users report the reduction of snoring while a 50% report total elimination of snoring.

What causes snoring?

Most people are not aware of the major snoring causes. Snoring originates from the throat. It happens once the throat is partially blocked. After you sleep your muscles and soft tissues at the back of mouth and throat and which include uvula, the tongue, the upper throat, tonsils and the soft palate rub together and create the snoring noise.

Snore guard cost

The cost of snore guards ranges between US $ 60 and $ 65. This is a little cost compared to all the benefits you get from the appliances.


Snoring affects both the snorer and the people who remain awake to listen to it. They all experience headaches, concentration problem during the day, personal embarrassment and fatigue. Snoring has major health implications which include hypertension, cardiac disease and depression. To avoid these effects, you should consult a medical practitioner to get the best cure for the problem. Snore guard is an effective way of preventing and curing snoring problems.

How To Stop Snoring Tips

How to stop snoring tips

About 45% of all the words population never gets a bite of sleep without snoring. If you don’t snore then you know of a person who snores. One snoring spouse boils the other person and prevents him or her from enjoying his or her sleep.

How to cure snoring problems fast

Make use of a tennis ball

If most of the time you sleep on your back, consider using some tennis balls. You can sew the tennis ball inside a shirt pocket of an old shirt and then sew it at the mid-back of your pajama top. Your pajama top should be the one that fits you snugly. If you happen to roll over while asleep, the discomfort from the tennis ball will force you to roll back to your side without waking you up. It sounds strange, but if you can manage to sleep with your spouse elbowing you, tennis can’t be a problem.

Humidify your room

A dry room can contribute to your snoring during the night. Dry air will dry out your nasal membranes and the throat therefore contributing to congestion. This limits air movement and also makes your tissues to vibrate while asleep. If this is the problem, there are two solutions. You can use a humidifier or move into an exotic tropical location.

Lose weight

Weight gain worsens your snoring problems. If you are overweight, losing some weight may help you in preventing and reducing the snoring level. An overweight person has extra tissues in the throat which contributes to the snoring noise. If the tissues block your throat, the more the throat will interrupt the air flowing over and therefore creating vibrations which result in the snoring sound.

Raise the head of the bed

You can raise your beds about 4 inches or more. This is essential in preventing your tongue from falling back, preventing your throat from blocking and may also help in opening up your air ways. You can use some books or some sturdy blocks each about 2 inches thick. Ensure that the timber you are using is flat and of square shape. Ensure that the wood is wide enough to cover the leg of the base you will be resting on it. Then add all this blocks one after the other until you have reached a thickness of 4 inches. If you choose books instead of wood, pop some at the feet at the head of your bed. Ensure that your bed is steady in both cases and especially where you use books due to their uneven size.

Always clean your house

Ensuring that your room is clean always is a benefit. Allergens which include animal dander, pollen, dust, and some irritants may congest your airways or cause irritation in your airways both of which will cause snoring. Also change your air filters on regular basis to ensure that you have some clean air.

Always try to find out why you snore

Finding out what is making you to snore can assist you in getting the best cure other than trying the entire remedies in the dark. Start by examining your diet and lifestyle. Have you gained some weight recently? Do you take any alcohol every day before going to bed? You can also have a physician to check whether the structure of your mouth is the cause. In addition, how you sleep may be the major cause of the problem.

Adjust your pillows

Elevating your pillows can assist in opening up your airways and therefore make your breathing easier. However, your head being much higher can lead to constrictions which may lead to snoring. If you have a thick pillow or you sleep on multiple pillows, consider
adjusting the thickness or height. When it comes to what you are going to rest your head on a not too flat or fluffy is important. For you to breath properly throughout the night, search for a pillow that will keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Herbal products for snoring

Herbal pills are available in the herbal and supplements stores, which can help you to reduce snoring naturally. The pills manufacturers make them out of natural enzymes which target nasal gum and target at reducing it. This in turn reduces your snoring. There is no much information to back the claim about the yoga, but it is something to consider if you are looking for alternative treatment methods.

How to stop snoring permanently

Positive airway pressure therapy is for moderate to severe problems relating to snoring. Most patients complain of having to wear a tight mask throughout the night and having to deal with high pressure of the air blown into their nose. For the patients who complain, surgery is the best alternative to cause a lasting cure. While there are several surgical options, the surgeon should tailor the surgery to the area of obstruction for every patient. The areas of obstructions could be anywhere in the in the upper respiratory tract, which include tongue, the nose and the throat.

The most common surgical options to correct this include the nasal surgery. This procedure is the most common and consists of septoplasty and turbine reduction. It is an outpatient procedure tolerated by most patients. The procedure consists of straightening the septum and reducing the turbinate size. It creates more room for air passage in the nose.

The other surgical procedure is uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (uppp) developed over the last 25 years. The procedure aims at removing the excess soft tissues from the pharynx and the palate. If the tonsils are present, they are also removed. This area of the upper airway also known as oropharnx is more prone to obstructions.

Soft palate implants is another method which is minimally invasive. It includes placement of three polyester rods into soft palate. These rods cause an inflammatory effect in the surrounding soft tissues therefore stiffening the soft palate.

The other procedure is the tongue base reduction. The base of the tongue is a common cause of obstruction. The surgeon applies radio-frequency waves. All the radioactive waves are directed to a specific part without causing damage to the other part. The surge having been directed to the specific part, it results to the tissue shrinkage. The procedure can happen in a clinic with the patient still awake.

How To Correct Snoring Problems

how to correct snoring problems

Almost everyone snores occasionally. However, if snoring occurs most of the time, it will affect your quantity and the quality of sleep. This will also affect other people living with you. Generally snoring leads to daytime fatigue and poor sleep.

Causes of snoring

If snoring keeps your partner awoke most of the time, it will also lead to relationship problems. All snoring is not the same. Everyone snores for a different reason. If you are able to find the remedy for your type of snoring, you will be able to enjoy a good quieter and deeper sleep. Anyone who snores most of the time has too much nasal sinus and throat tissue. The tissues also known as the floppy is more prone to vibrations.

Another cause may be your tongue, which may get in the way to prevent smooth breathing. Determining when and how you snore will assist you in determining whether your snoring problems are beyond your control or not. No matter when you snore and how you snore, there are steps you can take to make your snoring better.

Snoring may also result from low amount of thyroid hormone. Doctors diagnose this by taking some blood samples. If this is the case you will have to take doses of thyroxin on daily basis to stop the snoring.

Origin of the snoring sound

Snoring happens when you are unable to move air through the mouth and nose while asleep. This mostly happens due to the narrowing of your airway. The narrowness can happen due to abnormalities of soft tissues in your throat or poor sleeping posture. The narrow airway gets in the way of smooth breathing and therefore causes the snoring sound.

How to stop snoring naturally

The first step to stop snoring naturally is changing your sleeping position. Lying on your back makes the base of the tongue and soft palate to collapse to the back wall of your throat. This is what causes a vibrating sound while you are asleep. To prevent this, consider sleeping on your side. You can do this with the use of a full length pillow that will support the entire body. The pillow should maintain your sleeping on the side the whole night. You can also put some tennis at the back of pajamas to prevent you from sleeping on your back. You can also tape the tennis balls on the back of the pajamas to prevent you from sleeping on your back. However, if snoring continues regardless of the sleeping position, you may be having obstructive snoring. In such cases it’s good to consult your doctor.

Losing sufficient weight is also essential in stopping snoring problems, therefore avoid eating junk foods. If after gaining some weight you have started snoring, losing some of it will be helpful. Any weight you gain around the neck will squeeze the internal diameters of your throats. This makes it to collapse during your sleep causing some snoring.

Also avoid using alcohol or sedatives. They reduce the resting tone of the muscles making you to snore. Taking some alcohol or sedatives 4-5 hours before sleeping will make snoring worse.

Furthermore, practicing good sleep hygiene is a good measure to preventing snoring while asleep. Poor sleep habits known as poor sleep hygiene can have an effect similar to that of taking alcohol before you sleep. Working for longer hours without having enough sleep, means that after you get into your crib you will be overtired. In such a circumstance, you will sleep harder and deep and therefore your muscles will be floppier making you to snore.

If the snoring starts in the nose, keeping the nasal passages will help in the snoring prevention. If the nose is narrow or clogged due to cold or any other blockage, the first moving air will cause snoring. Having a hot bath before going to bed is essential in opening up the nasal sinus. To help open up the nasal cavity, you can rinse your nose with some salty water.

Another way to prevent snoring is by staying hydrated throughout. You must drink plenty of fluids for you to stay healthy. When you are dehydrated, the secretion in the nose and those in the soft palate will be stickier. This causes a lot of snoring. All women should at least have 11 cups of water in all their drinks and water while men require around 16 cups in a day.

How to stop snoring pillow

Always change your pillows to prevent snoring. Allergens in the pillow and the bedroom may contribute to snoring. It’s good to regularly replace your pillows. Dust mites can accumulate in inside the pillows therefore causing reactions, which trigger snoring. If you allow pets to sleep inside your bedroom, you will breath in animal dander, which is a common irritant. If you feel good during the day time but during the night you feel obstructed, these things may be contributing in the snoring. Put all your pillows in air fluff cycles at least once in a couple of weeks and replace them at least once in every six months to prevent dust mites and allergens from accumulating. Also keep all pets out of your bedroom.

How to stop snoring- surgery

Surgery for snoring problems is a treatment for the last resort, but is considerable only when all the other natural methods have failed. Before the doctor considers the palatal surgery, he/she should be sure that the problem originates from the palate as opposed to the base of your tongue. The physician should also consider any nasal abnormality before considering the surgery.

The aim of the surgery is to stop or reduce the collapsibility of the oropharyngeal segment area, which is around the throat. The surgeon aims at reducing the amount of soft palate and also removing the tonsils. The surgery may also aim at removing the chief vibratory tissue.

Some surgeons may consider performing sleep nasendoscopy before performing the surgery to determine the level of obstruction. Under this circumstance they sedate the patient to a state of sleep. Then the surgeon examines the upper airway through a narrow endoscope to identify where the collapsing happens. However this method is not widely available due to its time consuming nature. Its also very expensive.

Good Morning Snore Solution Review

Good Morning Snore Solution Review

During nightfall, you relax, and so is your throat. Those tissues of the soft palate and tonsils also get a chance to relax. Even the tongue relaxes, pushing back to your inner throat. This shrinks the passage of air. And the smaller it gets, the more you’re likely to become a victim of snore.

At least you’re familiar with the verb ”snore”, even if you don’t have the scientific details of how it happens. However, the fact is, snoring bothers the person sleeping next to you. It could also be a sign that something is not right. That’s why you should seek remedy. For this reason, we’re reviewing a device called Good Morning Snore.

What it is

Some time back, sleep Researchers devised a special mouthpiece to treat snoring at night. Their break-through yielded Good Morning Snore, a device that is apparently more comfortable, manageable, and even effective. According to the journal of Sleep and Breathing in 2008, Dr. Leslie Dort discovered that the device was effective in 70% of those people who snored.

Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece

If you’re familiar with mandibular advancement devices in the market, Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) will look a little bit peculiar to you. It’s working is very different from that of MADs. It’s comfortable, effective, and a one-size-fits it all device that consumers just happen to rate the number 1 mouthpiece across the world.

To be precise, the GMSS utilizes a special tongue displacement technology to prevent snoring. Rather than pulling your jaws upwards like all MADs do, the GMSS pulls your tongue forward. As a result, it stops gravity from pulling it backwards — which has been blamed to cause snoring due to blockage of airwaves.

The snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissues in the throat. The theory behind this device explains that if it can hold your tongue in place, then air will have its way freely into the lungs. When this happens, snoring doesn’t take place. Furthermore, your body gets more oxygen in the process as air is allowed to flow freely into the lungs.

When seeing it for the first time, this device will resemble a pacifier. But you don’t need to worry as the GMSS is so easy to use. There are only 4 steps to using it. They include the following:

(a) You need to place good morning snore solution into your mouth. It should rest in between your lips and dental area to ensure that the protruding bulb is positioned towards the outside of the mouth.

(b) Squeeze the bulb so that air can escape from it.

(c) The tip of the tongue should be placed at the end of the device so the bulb can be released. As a result, the mouthpiece and the tongue will create a suction power.

(d) When you slowly relax your tongue, the tip must remain inside the bulb

The four steps above sound very easy to do, right? Remarkably, those steps, if done correctly, will hold your tongue in forward position, thus allowing air to move freely through the throat. Because there’s no restriction in the air passage, the throat tissues won’t vibrate when you’re asleep at night.

Good Morning Snore Solution Tongue: Why focusing on the tongue is the better option

Jaw snore advancing mouthpieces have been blamed for causing pain. The ones they call ”universal” fit jaw advancers will work perfectly fine for some people and terribly wrong for others. And in fact, if you happen to choose those you can’t adjust, you can easily develop Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) –> basically doctor’s language for referring to jaw joint issues. Again, one doesn’t have to be a physician to realize how they don’t need a TMD.

The truth is, TMD is a horrible thing to have. If given a choice between TMD and snoring the same way a hippo does, you’d be better off choosing the latter 7 days a week and twice on Sundays.

So, does this have a connection with a tongue retaining mouthpiece like GMSS? Well, for one, a tongue retaining mouthpiece leaves the jaw in its natural state or position. What this means is that the jaw is free to move in whatever direction it wants to move in. But then GMSS just focuses on holding the tongue in one place, which apparently, is the main cause of snoring for many people.

Other things worth noting down about Good Morning Snore Guard

To this end, even those who have not used this device before know that there are no straps to tie here. It’s a one straight process that gets you sleeping quietly.

But first, we need to get a few things right before proceeding to buy our GMSS. You see, the fact is, you cannot wear any jaw-interfering device if you have dental problems. But on the other hand, good morning snore solution lets you use it regardless of your oral problems.

Secondly, it’s been registered by the European Commission, ARTG, and Health Canada as a class 1 medical device which should be used to treat mild to severe snoring. For this reason, the device is available over-the-counter. However, in the U.S, it is registered with the FDA as a class 2 medical device, so it’s available to all those who are bothered by their snoring.

The Cons

However, just like every other product in the market, this one too has some mild side effects. First, it is reported that some people experience drooling the first time they use it. This could interfere with the mattress if the saliva is in excess. However, the drooling quickly disappears once they get used to it.

Secondly, it’s for people who can breath normally, not those who have sinuses.

Otherwise, if you think these minor issues don’t rub you the wrong way, you should go ahead and buy it.


If you generally don’t like MADs, this is your best alternative for treating snoring problems. Again, because GMSS doesn’t interfere with your jaws, you should be more focused on it rather than trying other solutions. Pair it with throat exercises to realize best results. Websites like boots have it in stock, check it out there.