Snoring problems

Snoring problems

Routine snorers can face genuine wellbeing issues, considering the causes of snoring. It leads to obstructive rest apnea. Rest apnea develops into a few issues, including: Long intrusions of breath taking (over 10 seconds) amid aggregate impediment or blockage of the nosal route.

Dangers Of Snoring

Light sleep. Individuals with obstructive rest apnea rest delicately to attempt to keep their throat muscles sufficiently strained to look after wind stream. This prompts sleepiness amid the day and can meddle with your personal satisfaction.

Strain on the heart. Drawn out agony from obstructive rest apnea frequently brings about higher circulatory strain and may bring about the amplification of heart assault and stroke.

Low oxygen levels in the blood. This can prompt choked veins in the lungs and in the long run respiratory hypertension.

Ceaseless cerebral pains.

Daytime languor and exhaustion.

Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue: Throat and tongue muscles can be excessively casual, which permits them, making it impossible to crumple and fall once more into the aviation route. This can come about because of profound rest, liquor utilization, and utilization of some dozing pills. Ordinary maturing brings on additional unwinding of these muscles.

Cumbersome throat tissue: Being overweight can bring about massive throat tissue. Additionally, youngsters with expansive tonsils and adenoids frequently wheeze.

Long delicate sense of taste and/or uvula: A long delicate sense of taste or a long uvula (the dangling tissue toward the rear of the mouth) can contract the opening from the nose to the throat. At the point when these structures vibrate and knock against each other the aviation route gets to be hindered, bringing on wheezing.

child snoring problems

A youngster’s wheeze may sound charming, or even entertaining, yet ongoing wheezing in kids may add to issues running from bed-wetting to poor school execution. Truth be told, a few youngsters with rest issue connected with wheezing are erroneously determined to have consideration shortage hyperactivity issue, or ADHD, when what they truly need is a decent night’s rest.

What causes wheezing in youngsters?

Wheezing in kids can come about because of three things. To start with, there is an anatomical segment, for example, a little jaw or a little aviation route that the tyke was conceived with. Besides, there’s the likelihood that the muscles and the nerves controlling those muscles are not all around coordinated amid rest and subsequently don’t open the aviation route enough. Yet, the most well-known reason kids wheeze is augmented tonsils and adenoids.

How regular is the wheezing in kids?

It’s an extremely normal condition. From reports in the US populace and different populaces around the globe, continual wheezing influences around 11 percent to 12 percent of all youngsters between the ages of 1 through 9.

With continual wheezing, a youngster will have wheezing, no less than three to four times each week, that is sufficiently noisy that the folks will think about it.

Why should folks to kids who are routine snorers be concerned?

Folks ought to know about it in light of the fact that wheezing can be connected with critical interruption of the nature of rest and other basic conditions that can influence the mind and the heart.

With constant wheezing, numerous husbands will say, ‘Goodness, I couldn’t care less excessively,’ and I’ve had folks who really were exceptionally glad for it, saying, ‘My tyke is somewhat grown-up on the grounds that he wheezes as solid as his grandpa.’

Indeed, that is not an amusing thing to me. That really demonstrates that the youngster may be having critical issues, and that their wheezing should be assessed.

snoring problems in adults

How is wheezing distinctive in kids than in grown-ups?

The standard is about the same. At the end of the day, wheezing is boisterous breathe that outcomes from the vibration of air experiencing the upper aviation route. So in itself, it’s only a sound. However, what it demonstrates is that there are expansions removing air in the upper respiratory route, implying that the imperviousness to air going through the upper aviation route is high.

Amid rest, the muscles go to rest a tiny bit, and that unwinding makes the aviation route fall a smidgen more. Thus, the same measure of air needs to experience a littler space. Wheezing may reflect other, more genuine conditions, for example, rest apnea or upper aviation route resistance disorder. Around 3 percent of all kids between the ages of 1 however 9, have rest apnea or upper aviation route resistance disorder, and those conditions can prompt considerable outcomes.

snoring problems pregnancy

Snoring, regardless of the possibility that you’ve never done it in your life — is genuinely regular amid pregnancy, influencing around one in three pregnant ladies. It’s frequently a noteworthy reason upsetting your rest (and the rest of anybody in the room with you), which presumably implies you and your accomplice are listening eagerly about what should be possible about these boisterous evening time commotions.


The in all probability guilty parties of your rest orchestra are nasal blockage brought on by surging pregnancy hormones, which cause the mucous films in your nose to swell, and abundance weight pick up, which brings about additional tissue around your head and neck – both of which are regular among the pregnant set.

What you need to know

Normally wheezing amid pregnancy is a greater amount of an irritation than whatever else. At times, notwithstanding, wheezing is a pointer of gestational diabetes (so verify you’ve had your glucose screening test). It can likewise be an indication of rest apnea, an issue that can deny you, and possibly your infant, of oxygen (especially in the third trimester and in ladies who are overweight) and put you at more serious danger of complexities including preeclampsia — which is the reason it’s vital to fill your specialist in regarding whether you’re wheezing path more than common.

What to do

Belt up a nasal strip at sleep time (they’re totally medication free)

Take a stab at utilizing a warm-fog and dry humidifier as a part of your room around evening time.

Stout up your cushions and have a go at laying down with your head marginally lifted.

Watch out for your calories to ensure additional weight doesn’t add to wheezing

Avoid liquor, tobacco and resting pills, all of which make your throat more prone to close (in addition to you ought to be maintaining a strategic distance from them in any case when you’re pregnant.

Snoring And Health Problems

Snoring and health problems

Snoring is characterized by a loud noise that one makes as they sleep. This noise is caused by tissues in the airways of the nose and throat vibrating. When one sleeps, the air passages in the head and neck relax. This causes them to become narrow. As a result, the speed of inhalation and exhalation change. This causes these tissues to vibrate and cause the noise. It is a very disturbing noise.

Snoring and heart problems

According to a study done by the Daily Express, people who snore are six times more likely to suffer from heart diseases in future. The blood pressure, nerve and hormone changes that are caused by snoring increase a person’s risk of developing heart disease. If you snore or you know someone who snores, then you should advise them to consult a doctor. For those who snore every night, this risk is very real.

Snoring causes the walls of the carotid arteries to become thick. These are the arteries that go from the heart to the brain. Thus, they are very important arteries and if they get blocked, they can cause serious heart problems. Dr. Robert Deeb conducted a study that discovered this link between snoring and heart disease. According to the doctor, snoring is a symptom of a condition known as sleep apnoea. This is a condition that is characterized by a collapse in the airways. As a result, there are significant pauses in breathing. This eventually leads to cardiovascular disease. In the study, the doctor analyzed snorers between the ages of 18 and 50 years who snored and were living with sleep apnoea. These people filled in forms detailing the frequency of their snoring. After that, the doctor performed ultrasound examinations of their carotid arteries. These ultrasounds discovered that snorers have carotid arteries that have thick walls. As a result, their chances of developing heart disease was much higher than that of a person who does not snore. If you snore, you should get some medical attention to prevent a heart attack in future.

Snoring and marriage problems

Snoring can easily break up a marriage. This is especially so if only one of the partners is a snorer. The one who does not snore may actually have to sleep in a separate room so as to get some peaceful sleep. This separation can cause their marriage to collapse due to a lack of intimacy. Many married couples sign up for counselling due to one of the spouses snoring. It is very important for a person to get enough sleep. It is crucial for proper cognitive functions. If one does not get enough sleep, they have problems with learning, making decision as well as judgement. Lack of sleep can also make one have bad moods, mood swings, irritability, depression and constant anxiety. As such, the partner who does not snore goes to sleep in a different room on a different mattress. Over time, their sexual intimacy can suffer and eventually their marriage too.

There are a number of steps that a couple can do so as to save their marriage if one of them snores. The first step is recognizing that the snoring is caused by a physical condition. Examples of these physical conditions are sleep apnoea, nasal obstruction or sinusitis. These conditions can be corrected quite easily for example sinusitis can be corrected using acupuncture. There are non-surgical, mildly invasive and in-office treatments for these conditions. Once they are corrected, the snoring spouse will sleep soundly with no noise and their partner will enjoy more comfortable sleep. Moreover, marriage counselling before and after the conditions have been treated will ensure that the marriage survives. Another solution for snoring is using snoring guard devices such as a mouthpiece.

Snoring and thyroid problems

Snoring can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. This is a condition where the thyroid gland is under-active. When one is suffering from this condition, the thyroid gland does not produce the required amount of thyroid hormone. This hormone affects various parts of the body. These include the heart, brain, the skin and even the muscles. If this hormone is too little in the body, the processes in these parts of the body are conducted too slowly. It can cause muscles to relax. Thus, if these muscles are in the neck and throat areas, one can begin to snore.

Snoring caused by hypothyroidism is more common in women than it is in men. Thus, snoring in women is misdiagnosed so much. Women who suffer from hypothyroidism develop snoring or sleep apnoea. These conditions both contribute to obstructed breathing during sleep. There is a link between obesity and hypothyroidism. As such, overweight women snore since it is more likely that they also have hypothyroidism. These symptoms can subside if the patient receives hormone therapy treatment. This is where a doctor administers thyroxin hormone to them. This reduces the snoring and sleep apnoea too. Moreover, their Body Mass Index (BMI) also reduces. This results in better sleep and overall health too.

Bad breath snoring problems

People who snore are more likely to have bad breath. This is a tried and true fact. Is the bad breath caused by snoring or are they both caused by the same factor? Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth breaking down proteins. As a result, sulphur gas is released. If the bacteria builds up and is not checked, they will cause increased break down and also increase the amount of sulphur gas that is released. One of the reasons why this bacteria can build up is a lack of enough saliva. This is often the case when a person is snoring. This is because they breath through their mouth and cause the saliva to thicken and cover less of the mouth. Breathing through the mouth also reduces the production of saliva. Moreover, that which is released is of lower quality. Thus, the bacteria builds up overnight and breaks down the proteins more. As such, when one wakes up, they have terrible breath. To avoid this, the consumer should consume enough water throughout the day and the evening. This ensures that their mouth stays lubricated throughout the night. Also, one should avoid foods that promote water loss from the body. Examples of these are salty and spicy food.

Pure Sleep Device Reviews

Pure Sleep Device Reviews

Are you having snoring problems? Pure sleep is a mouth piece device that has been designed to provide a solution to all the snorers out there. It was designed by a dentist known as Dr. Fenton Douglas. He was a snoring sufferer who sought for a solution and in turn came up with the Pure Sleep device.

What is it?

What is this Pure Sleep device solution? Pure sleep is a mouth piece device that works by holding your lower jaw a bit forward. You do not need to worry about feeling uncomfortable because the shift of the jaw is very slight.

Pure sleep is widely known as a result of its credibility. It was originally sold by its inventor, Dr. Fenton to his snoring patients. Later during the years it became so popular and was adopted by Mr. Lindsay a businessman, who made the device accessible to the general public. Since then it has become a popular brand in the market and is one of the best sellers in the midst of many other snoring devices.

General Features of the Pure Sleep

The device comes as a two piece, for holding the top and the lower jaw.

The device is characterized by a jaw adjustment feature that works by allowing the lower part of the device to move in three different positions. This of course is an important feature because the resting position of the jaw is different from individual to individual. As a result having the capability to make an adjustment to align to one’s jaw resting position is a key feature.

The material used to make the Pure Sleep allows you make your own custom made piece. After purchase put the device in hot water; remove it and put it in your mouth. This allows it to create a custom mold for your mouth. It is important to leave it in your mouth for approximately one minute while it cools to ensure it creates an impression.

How does it work?

Snoring is normally caused by blockage of the airway. These airways are blocked by soft tissue at the back of the throat. When the throat muscle relaxes, it partially blocks the airway which results to vibration of the back throat tissues. This produces a sound which we know as snoring.

To correct this problem, the mandibular device works by slightly retaining the jaw to open the airway. The Pure Sleep device creates a wider opening in airway which prevents the vibrations that result to snoring.

The Pure Sleep is based on a simple principle: no obstruction equals no vibration and no vibration equals no snoring.

Before use, make sure you spray your mouth with the required medicine and wash. Remove any partial dentures that you may have.

Pure sleep works best if you are sleeping on your stomach or on your side.

Advantages of Pure Sleep

· The device has been accredited by FDA. As a result it is guaranteed that the device is safe for use.

· It is also accessible to the general public. You can buy it online or from your nearest drug store.

· It offers the luxury of customer fitting.

· It is characterized by three settings that offer comfortability during use.

· It is easy to maintain and use

· This is a snoring solution that is quite affordable unlike many other avenues.

Disadvantages of Pure Sleep

· It loses shape in the long run. After continuous use reheating the device does not fix the lost shape problem.

· Apart from the three settings that come with the device; you cannot adjust it further after remodeling. The limited settings also create no room for mistakes during preparation.

· Information on materials used is vague. Despite the fact that it has been cleared with the FDA, information on material used has been limited to hard and soft plastic.

Does it hurt?

The experience of putting on Pure Sleep is the same as putting on braces. You may feel like your gums and jaws are sore during the first few days. However; if you feeling a sharp pain that is ongoing it may be as a result of a condition known as temporomandibular disorder. If you having sharp pains while using the device discontinue using it and contact your nearest dentist.

If you also suffer from TMD you should not use the device.

Pure Sleep Customer Reviews

This snoring solution has received tones of positive reviews as a result of its efficiency and functionality

The few complaints that have been brought forward by customers mainly revolve around adjustability. Before you adjust to using the device, you might suffer from symptoms like jaw soreness, inability to keep the through the night and dry mouth. It takes two to three days to adjust. After this period these issues resolve their self.

Similar devices are also coupled with the same experience so it is not exclusively Pure Sleep that is faced with these concerns.

All in all, a vast majority of people have experienced success while using the product. Being a worldwide best seller does not mean you won’t have a few dissatisfied customers.


Are you considering buying the Pure Sleep snoring device? You do not have to worry about hefty prices associated with snoring devices as it goes for approximately $60. You can also look for coupon opportunities and buy it at a lower price. If you use the device within 30 days and you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund or an exchange.

Wondering where you can get your own pair of Pure Sleep? You can get a pair of the device from a licensed dentist. You can also order online. Before you get a pair for your own use, it might be necessary to seek medical advice from a licensed dentist. This is because Pure Sleep is classified as a medical device and for that reason it might require the approval of a doctor.


Pure Sleep is a great and affordable tool that solves your snoring problem. With this device in your hand, say bye-bye to the snoring days.
The device is not recommended for people with central sleep apnea and asthma. The device is also not recommended for persons under the age 18.

Effective Ways To Stop Snoring

Effective Ways To Stop Snoring

Are you looking for a solution to your snoring problem? There are various ways in which you can tackle this problem. It all depends on why you are snoring in first place.

Causes of Snoring

Before you focus on the remedies of curing your snoring problem, it is important to understand the problem behind it. Diagnosis is usually the first step to curing any disease.

As you pass from light to deep sleep, your throat and mouth muscles relax causing a collapse at the back of your throat. This causes an obstruction in your airway which further results to an audible vibration known as snoring.

There are factors that increase the relaxation of the throat and mouth muscles. These include:

· Alcohol consumption before bedtime which normally causes the throat muscle to sag

· Nasal congestion which arises from cold or allergies. Nasal congestion is normally coupled with extra mucus and inflamed tissues which causes an obstruction and interfere with airflow

· Experts also argue that overweight people are more likely to snore due to presence of extra fatty tissues which act air passage compressors.

Remedies for snoring

There are various mechanisms that can be used to alleviate an obstructed airway and prevent the relaxation of the throat and mouth muscles. These include; self- hypnosis, acupuncture for snoring and natural remedies.

Stop Snoring Hypnosis

Hypnosis revolves around the ideology of the subconscious mind. It is the unconscious mind that helps our body function and regulate various automatic behaviors. If you can control your subconscious mind, you will be able to control your automatic behaviors.

During sleep, your mind might be naturally stressed without you realizing. This can result to snoring habits. That is why you promise yourself every day to stop snoring but you find yourself doing it over and over again.

Snoring is an automatic behavior that can be solved with the help of self-hypnosis. All you need to do is put on a CD that will hypnotize you and relax your mind. This in turn causes you to sleep sweetly and soundly.

Acupuncture to Stop Snoring

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is a Chinese remedy that has been used for centuries to cure snoring. It is based on an assumption theory which states that energy (referred to as Qi) flows through the body through pathways known as meridians. The theory further assumes that snoring is results from unbalances or blockage of these pathways.

How does Acupuncture work? A therapists known as an acupuncturist puts thin needles on certain acupressure points in your body. Sometimes mild heat or electronic current is used alongside the needles. There are needles that may be put deeper in to acupuncture pressure points than others.

Does the process of acupuncture hurt? No, it does not hurt. It is related to a massage therapy that helps you relax.

How does acupuncture prevent you from snoring? Acupuncture works by clearing sinus, nasal blockages and environmental irritants. Acupuncture also works by restoring Qi balance. Qi deficiency is simply explained as a weakened immune system. Acupuncture corrects this problem.

Does acupuncture really work? The success of acupuncture totally depends on the cause of your snoring problem. If you’re snoring because of sinus, nasal blockages and environmental allergies, then your acupuncture treatment will prove to be successful. However, if your snoring is as a result of hormones then acupuncture is not the treatment for you. Again if you’re snoring because of a structural problem which arises from a slip of the tongue to the back of the throat during sleeping: the acupuncture procedure won’t work for you.

Stop Snoring Naturally

There natural ways used in correcting the snoring problem which normally entail a change in lifestyle. All you need to do is make an adjustment to your everyday routine. Listed below are some of the major natural ways you can use to cure snoring.

Engage in Routine Exercise

Exercising can be a good remedy to a snoring problem. You can perform moderate exercises a few times a week which will go a long way in preventing your snoring problem. Exercise is also a major tool for losing weight. Weight problems are associated with snoring.

Sleep on the Side

Your sleeping position can be a major contribution to your snoring problem. Always sleep on your side: this prevents the tongue from relaxing on the back of your throat.

Avoid taking too Much Dairy Foods

The food we eat can contribute to environmental allergic reactions and sinuses. Histamine is a hormone produced during allergic reactions. However, it can also come from foods that contain it or foods that increase its production.

An increased level of histamine causes one’s body to produce a lot of mucus which further results to nasal blockages.

Dairy foods like cheese butter and yoghurt contain histamine. Other foods that contain histamine include mushrooms, eggplants peanuts and soy beans. If you snoring as a result of allergic reactions: you should make a point of taking these foods in low quantities.

There are foods that decrease mucus production and they include; garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, onions and celery

Clean the House Often

Your snoring may be as a result of allergens like dust particles, pet dander and dust mites. You can take the action of cleaning every corner of your bedroom and changing your pillow every six months. This gets rid of all the allergen that might be causing you to snore.

Avoid Alcohol, Smoking and Sedatives

The consumption of sedatives and alcohol can result to depression of the central nervous system. This furthers causes relaxation of the throat muscles which block the airways. If you are in the habit of taking sedatives or alcohol before you go to bed; there is no need to look further. This is where your snoring habit is originating from.

Various extensive research methods have proven that smoking is major cause of snoring. Snoring results to upper airways inflammation and irritation. If caution is not taken, smoking can lead to permanent damage of the respiratory system.

Medical Help for snoring

There are severe snoring cases that normally require a surgery fix. These problems are associated with structural problems such as enlarged adenoids.

Radio frequency ablation is another medical solution for snoring. It is offered to people whose snoring is resulted from saggy or loose soft palate. Radio frequency ablation tightens the soft palate by using heat energy.

Do you need more information concerning your snoring habits? You can visit your nearest clinic for further advice and diagnosis.

Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

Almost every person snores occasionally. However, if you snore frequently, it can affect your quality and quantity of sleep. In addition to this, it can also disturb your roommates and family members. Snoring may lead to daytime fatigue, poor sleep patterns, dental issues and increased health problems and irritability.

In case your snoring disrupts your partner’s sleep, it can also create various problems in your relationship. Fortunately, sleeping in different bedrooms isn’t the only remedy for snoring. You can choose from a wide range of effective solutions, including high quality mouthpieces. However, it’s important to understand the causes of snoring.

Why Do People Snore?

It’s worth mentioning that snoring is not always the same. Every person snores for different reasons. When you consider the reasons for snoring, you’re able to find appropriate solutions to a deeper, quieter sleep. People who snore often suffer from nasal and throat issues. They may also have floppy tissue, which is prone to vibrate. Mouth straps were earlier used to remedy this problem.

The tongue’s position can also lead to inappropriate breathing. Thus, it may cause various side effects. Evaluating when and how you snore can help you understand whether snoring is in your control or not. It’s important to understand that irrespective of when and how you snore, there are effective solutions to get rid of the problem. Even good boots provide support to your spine and help you get rid of problems like snoring.

In simple terms, a person snores when he isn’t able to move air freely through his mouth and nose during sleep. In most cases, snoring is caused by the narrowing of a person’s airway, either from abnormalities of soft tissues in the throat or poor sleep posture. It’s worth mentioning that a narrow airway always gets in the way to proper breathing, and leads to the sound of snoring. Inadequate sleep due to low quality mattresses and pillows can also cause problems.

According to healthcare experts, snoring is caused by a lot of different reasons. Due to this, when you want to get rid of this problem, it’s important to understand the root cause of the problem. Remedies like acupuncture can be effective. Here are some common remedies to get relief from snoring.

Change Your Sleep Position and Use Pillows

One of the most effective natural remedies to treat snoring is to change your sleep position. In most cases, snoring happens when the uvula, soft palate, tonsils, tongue and muscles at the back of your throat vibrate, and generate the sound of snoring during sleep. In some cases, snoring only occurs when you’re lying on the back, and the tongue falls back to increase airway resistance. Due to this, you should purchase high quality pillows and mattresses.

These products make sure you sleep in proper position. If you snore only when you’re lying on the back, it’s better to sleep on your side. It can help you get rid of snoring. A lot of people even add a pocket to the back of their sleepwear between the shoulder blades, and place a ball, such as a golf ball or tennis ball, to avoid sleeping on the back. While using a high quality pillow, you should still wear a mouthpiece to prevent dental issues and reduce the impact of snoring.

Some people also get relief after raising the head of the bed by a few centimeters. This can be achieved by purchasing a memory foam pillow. However, if you leave the condition untreated, snoring can also happen when you’re sleeping with the head elevated or on the side. Eventually, snoring may become present at all positions throughout the night. Thus, it’s important to examine your lifestyle. You can also purchase a mouthpiece with straps to completely eliminate snoring.

Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

Foods to Stop Snoring

When you want to get some relief from snoring, it’s important to focus on a healthy diet. You should eat foods that promote sleep, such as broccoli, oranges, mushrooms and spinach. In addition to this, you need to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and makes sure your throat isn’t dry at night.

It’s also important to avoid drinking milk before going to bed because it just adds a layer of mucus to your throat. In case you snore after consuming alcohol at night, it’s better to cut back or eliminate the problem. As mentioned earlier, alcohol also leads to lack of sleep, which is a prominent cause for snoring.

Exercise Regularly

With regular exercise, you’re able to strengthen your neck muscles. This can help prevent narrowing of your airways. However, you shouldn’t exercise close to your bed time. It may keep you awake and aggravate the problem. Moreover, you should purchase high quality boots to exercise.

Most overweight or obese people have bulky neck tissue. This increases your risk of snoring. In case you’re overweight, losing some weight can help you get rid of snoring. It’s worth mentioning that obesity can also lead to other side effects related to your health. A mix of cardio and neck exercises can provide you with some relief.

Anti Snoring Devices

This is one of the most effective natural remedies to get rid of snoring. A wide range of solutions and devices are available in the market to help prevent snoring. They help you with proper breathing, and resolve various issues.

Nasal Strips – They stick outside your nose, and keep your nostrils apart during night

Nasal Dilators – They are placed inside your nose, and push the nostrils apart

Chin Strips – They are taped under the chin, and stop your mouth from opening during sleep

You can also purchase an MRS or Mandibular Repositioning Splint / MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device. It pushes your tongue and jaw forward to prevent snoring. If these devices don’t work, a partner trouble by your snoring and suffering from insomnia can consider using ear plugs. Acupuncture is also a good measure to get relief from snoring.

In case snoring remains an ongoing and serious problem, you should seek medical advice. In order to get rid of snoring, you may have to get treatment for an underlying condition. In some cases, a surgery is also recommended. According to most healthcare experts, these natural remedies can help you get rid of the problem within a short period of time. However, if you need any further help, you should consult a doctor.