How To Correct Snoring Problems

how to correct snoring problems

Almost everyone snores occasionally. However, if snoring occurs most of the time, it will affect your quantity and the quality of sleep. This will also affect other people living with you. Generally snoring leads to daytime fatigue and poor sleep.

Causes of snoring

If snoring keeps your partner awoke most of the time, it will also lead to relationship problems. All snoring is not the same. Everyone snores for a different reason. If you are able to find the remedy for your type of snoring, you will be able to enjoy a good quieter and deeper sleep. Anyone who snores most of the time has too much nasal sinus and throat tissue. The tissues also known as the floppy is more prone to vibrations.

Another cause may be your tongue, which may get in the way to prevent smooth breathing. Determining when and how you snore will assist you in determining whether your snoring problems are beyond your control or not. No matter when you snore and how you snore, there are steps you can take to make your snoring better.

Snoring may also result from low amount of thyroid hormone. Doctors diagnose this by taking some blood samples. If this is the case you will have to take doses of thyroxin on daily basis to stop the snoring.

Origin of the snoring sound

Snoring happens when you are unable to move air through the mouth and nose while asleep. This mostly happens due to the narrowing of your airway. The narrowness can happen due to abnormalities of soft tissues in your throat or poor sleeping posture. The narrow airway gets in the way of smooth breathing and therefore causes the snoring sound.

How to stop snoring naturally

The first step to stop snoring naturally is changing your sleeping position. Lying on your back makes the base of the tongue and soft palate to collapse to the back wall of your throat. This is what causes a vibrating sound while you are asleep. To prevent this, consider sleeping on your side. You can do this with the use of a full length pillow that will support the entire body. The pillow should maintain your sleeping on the side the whole night. You can also put some tennis at the back of pajamas to prevent you from sleeping on your back. You can also tape the tennis balls on the back of the pajamas to prevent you from sleeping on your back. However, if snoring continues regardless of the sleeping position, you may be having obstructive snoring. In such cases it’s good to consult your doctor.

Losing sufficient weight is also essential in stopping snoring problems, therefore avoid eating junk foods. If after gaining some weight you have started snoring, losing some of it will be helpful. Any weight you gain around the neck will squeeze the internal diameters of your throats. This makes it to collapse during your sleep causing some snoring.

Also avoid using alcohol or sedatives. They reduce the resting tone of the muscles making you to snore. Taking some alcohol or sedatives 4-5 hours before sleeping will make snoring worse.

Furthermore, practicing good sleep hygiene is a good measure to preventing snoring while asleep. Poor sleep habits known as poor sleep hygiene can have an effect similar to that of taking alcohol before you sleep. Working for longer hours without having enough sleep, means that after you get into your crib you will be overtired. In such a circumstance, you will sleep harder and deep and therefore your muscles will be floppier making you to snore.

If the snoring starts in the nose, keeping the nasal passages will help in the snoring prevention. If the nose is narrow or clogged due to cold or any other blockage, the first moving air will cause snoring. Having a hot bath before going to bed is essential in opening up the nasal sinus. To help open up the nasal cavity, you can rinse your nose with some salty water.

Another way to prevent snoring is by staying hydrated throughout. You must drink plenty of fluids for you to stay healthy. When you are dehydrated, the secretion in the nose and those in the soft palate will be stickier. This causes a lot of snoring. All women should at least have 11 cups of water in all their drinks and water while men require around 16 cups in a day.

How to stop snoring pillow

Always change your pillows to prevent snoring. Allergens in the pillow and the bedroom may contribute to snoring. It’s good to regularly replace your pillows. Dust mites can accumulate in inside the pillows therefore causing reactions, which trigger snoring. If you allow pets to sleep inside your bedroom, you will breath in animal dander, which is a common irritant. If you feel good during the day time but during the night you feel obstructed, these things may be contributing in the snoring. Put all your pillows in air fluff cycles at least once in a couple of weeks and replace them at least once in every six months to prevent dust mites and allergens from accumulating. Also keep all pets out of your bedroom.

How to stop snoring- surgery

Surgery for snoring problems is a treatment for the last resort, but is considerable only when all the other natural methods have failed. Before the doctor considers the palatal surgery, he/she should be sure that the problem originates from the palate as opposed to the base of your tongue. The physician should also consider any nasal abnormality before considering the surgery.

The aim of the surgery is to stop or reduce the collapsibility of the oropharyngeal segment area, which is around the throat. The surgeon aims at reducing the amount of soft palate and also removing the tonsils. The surgery may also aim at removing the chief vibratory tissue.

Some surgeons may consider performing sleep nasendoscopy before performing the surgery to determine the level of obstruction. Under this circumstance they sedate the patient to a state of sleep. Then the surgeon examines the upper airway through a narrow endoscope to identify where the collapsing happens. However this method is not widely available due to its time consuming nature. Its also very expensive.