Good Morning Snore Solution Review

Good Morning Snore Solution Review

During nightfall, you relax, and so is your throat. Those tissues of the soft palate and tonsils also get a chance to relax. Even the tongue relaxes, pushing back to your inner throat. This shrinks the passage of air. And the smaller it gets, the more you’re likely to become a victim of snore.

At least you’re familiar with the verb ”snore”, even if you don’t have the scientific details of how it happens. However, the fact is, snoring bothers the person sleeping next to you. It could also be a sign that something is not right. That’s why you should seek remedy. For this reason, we’re reviewing a device called Good Morning Snore.

What it is

Some time back, sleep Researchers devised a special mouthpiece to treat snoring at night. Their break-through yielded Good Morning Snore, a device that is apparently more comfortable, manageable, and even effective. According to the journal of Sleep and Breathing in 2008, Dr. Leslie Dort discovered that the device was effective in 70% of those people who snored.

Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece

If you’re familiar with mandibular advancement devices in the market, Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) will look a little bit peculiar to you. It’s working is very different from that of MADs. It’s comfortable, effective, and a one-size-fits it all device that consumers just happen to rate the number 1 mouthpiece across the world.

To be precise, the GMSS utilizes a special tongue displacement technology to prevent snoring. Rather than pulling your jaws upwards like all MADs do, the GMSS pulls your tongue forward. As a result, it stops gravity from pulling it backwards — which has been blamed to cause snoring due to blockage of airwaves.

The snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissues in the throat. The theory behind this device explains that if it can hold your tongue in place, then air will have its way freely into the lungs. When this happens, snoring doesn’t take place. Furthermore, your body gets more oxygen in the process as air is allowed to flow freely into the lungs.

When seeing it for the first time, this device will resemble a pacifier. But you don’t need to worry as the GMSS is so easy to use. There are only 4 steps to using it. They include the following:

(a) You need to place good morning snore solution into your mouth. It should rest in between your lips and dental area to ensure that the protruding bulb is positioned towards the outside of the mouth.

(b) Squeeze the bulb so that air can escape from it.

(c) The tip of the tongue should be placed at the end of the device so the bulb can be released. As a result, the mouthpiece and the tongue will create a suction power.

(d) When you slowly relax your tongue, the tip must remain inside the bulb

The four steps above sound very easy to do, right? Remarkably, those steps, if done correctly, will hold your tongue in forward position, thus allowing air to move freely through the throat. Because there’s no restriction in the air passage, the throat tissues won’t vibrate when you’re asleep at night.

Good Morning Snore Solution Tongue: Why focusing on the tongue is the better option

Jaw snore advancing mouthpieces have been blamed for causing pain. The ones they call ”universal” fit jaw advancers will work perfectly fine for some people and terribly wrong for others. And in fact, if you happen to choose those you can’t adjust, you can easily develop Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) –> basically doctor’s language for referring to jaw joint issues. Again, one doesn’t have to be a physician to realize how they don’t need a TMD.

The truth is, TMD is a horrible thing to have. If given a choice between TMD and snoring the same way a hippo does, you’d be better off choosing the latter 7 days a week and twice on Sundays.

So, does this have a connection with a tongue retaining mouthpiece like GMSS? Well, for one, a tongue retaining mouthpiece leaves the jaw in its natural state or position. What this means is that the jaw is free to move in whatever direction it wants to move in. But then GMSS just focuses on holding the tongue in one place, which apparently, is the main cause of snoring for many people.

Other things worth noting down about Good Morning Snore Guard

To this end, even those who have not used this device before know that there are no straps to tie here. It’s a one straight process that gets you sleeping quietly.

But first, we need to get a few things right before proceeding to buy our GMSS. You see, the fact is, you cannot wear any jaw-interfering device if you have dental problems. But on the other hand, good morning snore solution lets you use it regardless of your oral problems.

Secondly, it’s been registered by the European Commission, ARTG, and Health Canada as a class 1 medical device which should be used to treat mild to severe snoring. For this reason, the device is available over-the-counter. However, in the U.S, it is registered with the FDA as a class 2 medical device, so it’s available to all those who are bothered by their snoring.

The Cons

However, just like every other product in the market, this one too has some mild side effects. First, it is reported that some people experience drooling the first time they use it. This could interfere with the mattress if the saliva is in excess. However, the drooling quickly disappears once they get used to it.

Secondly, it’s for people who can breath normally, not those who have sinuses.

Otherwise, if you think these minor issues don’t rub you the wrong way, you should go ahead and buy it.


If you generally don’t like MADs, this is your best alternative for treating snoring problems. Again, because GMSS doesn’t interfere with your jaws, you should be more focused on it rather than trying other solutions. Pair it with throat exercises to realize best results. Websites like boots have it in stock, check it out there.