Effective Ways To Stop Snoring

Effective Ways To Stop Snoring

Are you looking for a solution to your snoring problem? There are various ways in which you can tackle this problem. It all depends on why you are snoring in first place.

Causes of Snoring

Before you focus on the remedies of curing your snoring problem, it is important to understand the problem behind it. Diagnosis is usually the first step to curing any disease.

As you pass from light to deep sleep, your throat and mouth muscles relax causing a collapse at the back of your throat. This causes an obstruction in your airway which further results to an audible vibration known as snoring.

There are factors that increase the relaxation of the throat and mouth muscles. These include:

· Alcohol consumption before bedtime which normally causes the throat muscle to sag

· Nasal congestion which arises from cold or allergies. Nasal congestion is normally coupled with extra mucus and inflamed tissues which causes an obstruction and interfere with airflow

· Experts also argue that overweight people are more likely to snore due to presence of extra fatty tissues which act air passage compressors.

Remedies for snoring

There are various mechanisms that can be used to alleviate an obstructed airway and prevent the relaxation of the throat and mouth muscles. These include; self- hypnosis, acupuncture for snoring and natural remedies.

Stop Snoring Hypnosis

Hypnosis revolves around the ideology of the subconscious mind. It is the unconscious mind that helps our body function and regulate various automatic behaviors. If you can control your subconscious mind, you will be able to control your automatic behaviors.

During sleep, your mind might be naturally stressed without you realizing. This can result to snoring habits. That is why you promise yourself every day to stop snoring but you find yourself doing it over and over again.

Snoring is an automatic behavior that can be solved with the help of self-hypnosis. All you need to do is put on a CD that will hypnotize you and relax your mind. This in turn causes you to sleep sweetly and soundly.

Acupuncture to Stop Snoring

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is a Chinese remedy that has been used for centuries to cure snoring. It is based on an assumption theory which states that energy (referred to as Qi) flows through the body through pathways known as meridians. The theory further assumes that snoring is results from unbalances or blockage of these pathways.

How does Acupuncture work? A therapists known as an acupuncturist puts thin needles on certain acupressure points in your body. Sometimes mild heat or electronic current is used alongside the needles. There are needles that may be put deeper in to acupuncture pressure points than others.

Does the process of acupuncture hurt? No, it does not hurt. It is related to a massage therapy that helps you relax.

How does acupuncture prevent you from snoring? Acupuncture works by clearing sinus, nasal blockages and environmental irritants. Acupuncture also works by restoring Qi balance. Qi deficiency is simply explained as a weakened immune system. Acupuncture corrects this problem.

Does acupuncture really work? The success of acupuncture totally depends on the cause of your snoring problem. If you’re snoring because of sinus, nasal blockages and environmental allergies, then your acupuncture treatment will prove to be successful. However, if your snoring is as a result of hormones then acupuncture is not the treatment for you. Again if you’re snoring because of a structural problem which arises from a slip of the tongue to the back of the throat during sleeping: the acupuncture procedure won’t work for you.

Stop Snoring Naturally

There natural ways used in correcting the snoring problem which normally entail a change in lifestyle. All you need to do is make an adjustment to your everyday routine. Listed below are some of the major natural ways you can use to cure snoring.

Engage in Routine Exercise

Exercising can be a good remedy to a snoring problem. You can perform moderate exercises a few times a week which will go a long way in preventing your snoring problem. Exercise is also a major tool for losing weight. Weight problems are associated with snoring.

Sleep on the Side

Your sleeping position can be a major contribution to your snoring problem. Always sleep on your side: this prevents the tongue from relaxing on the back of your throat.

Avoid taking too Much Dairy Foods

The food we eat can contribute to environmental allergic reactions and sinuses. Histamine is a hormone produced during allergic reactions. However, it can also come from foods that contain it or foods that increase its production.

An increased level of histamine causes one’s body to produce a lot of mucus which further results to nasal blockages.

Dairy foods like cheese butter and yoghurt contain histamine. Other foods that contain histamine include mushrooms, eggplants peanuts and soy beans. If you snoring as a result of allergic reactions: you should make a point of taking these foods in low quantities.

There are foods that decrease mucus production and they include; garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, onions and celery

Clean the House Often

Your snoring may be as a result of allergens like dust particles, pet dander and dust mites. You can take the action of cleaning every corner of your bedroom and changing your pillow every six months. This gets rid of all the allergen that might be causing you to snore.

Avoid Alcohol, Smoking and Sedatives

The consumption of sedatives and alcohol can result to depression of the central nervous system. This furthers causes relaxation of the throat muscles which block the airways. If you are in the habit of taking sedatives or alcohol before you go to bed; there is no need to look further. This is where your snoring habit is originating from.

Various extensive research methods have proven that smoking is major cause of snoring. Snoring results to upper airways inflammation and irritation. If caution is not taken, smoking can lead to permanent damage of the respiratory system.

Medical Help for snoring

There are severe snoring cases that normally require a surgery fix. These problems are associated with structural problems such as enlarged adenoids.

Radio frequency ablation is another medical solution for snoring. It is offered to people whose snoring is resulted from saggy or loose soft palate. Radio frequency ablation tightens the soft palate by using heat energy.

Do you need more information concerning your snoring habits? You can visit your nearest clinic for further advice and diagnosis.