CPAP Alternatives

Sleep Apnea is a type of sleeping disorder found within a large part of the United States population. It has affected around 18 million patients. CPAP (constant positive airway pressure) is a very special type of treatment used to treat this disorder.

The CPAP treatment uses small air compressor to provide a pressurized and constantly airflow to the airways of the sufferers. This mechanism lowers the sleeping disorders in patients.

What are the differences between CPAP, BIPAP and VPAP?

There are many successful alternatives of CPAP like BIPAP and VPAP. The BiPAP therapy is a successful alternative of CPAP sleep disorder therapy. The full form of BIPAP is BiLevel Positive Airway Pressure.

It creates a positive airway pressure to help the sleeping apnea patient to breathe. One of the most distinctive feature of the BiPAP treatment is that it lowers the airflow when the patient exhales, thus, making it easier for him. This feature is absent in CPAP.

The VPAP device steps further in order to manage the patient on breath-to-breath basis. This treatment device was introduced to treat the sleeping apnea disorder with all variations.

It normalizes the breathing process by suppressing the Cheyne-Stokes respiration (CSR) or CSA. It improves the time consumed by the patient in REM sleep. It uses its own algorithm to calculate the ventilations targeted and adjusts the air pressure levels.

How successful is CPAP therapy?

The CPAP treatment or therapy has been highly successful in treating the patients completely from sleeping apnea disorder. Other than that, it has a lot of more benefits. The patients can enjoy a quality life after this treatment.

No painful surgery is involved in this treating process. The patients who are treated with CPAP therapy have been successfully able to restore their normal sleeping patterns. A sound sleep also provides a lot of energy to work more during the day time. It provides you with more memory power and concentration.

CPAP also cures the patients from various types of anxiety and depressions due to lack of sleep. The therapy also lowers the blood sugar and blood pressure levels. The chances of heart attacks and other heart diseases are also lowered by reducing the blood pressure levels.

Diabetes is one of the commonest side-effects of sleeping apnea. Since CPAP lowers the sugar level in blood, the chances of diabetes is also reduced. Thus, it forms the mirage of peaceful sleep at night.

What are the drawbacks?

Along with the good effects certain dangers are also involved with CPAP therapy. Some of these side-effects include irritation in the nasal passages, dry throat, abdominal bloating and runny nose.

You can also sometimes feel uncomfortable with the CPAP mask on your face for the whole night. In order to avoid this discomfort, you can use the light-weight jaw supporter mask at the time of sleeping.

This mask fits very comfortably over the head and does not cause any trouble during the night sleep. It is always advisable to take these therapies from only reputed therapists.

What is CPAP aromatherapy?

cpap alternatives

CPAP therapy has been introduced as a therapeutic treatment for sleeping apnea disorder in the 1980s. This insomnia related physical disorder has been well-diagnosed by reputed medical professionals.

The CPAP aromatherapy has been regarded very much effective in facilitating the airflow through the nasal chamber. The Aromatherapy can be used along with the main CPAP treatment. It is an integral and effective part of the treatment.

It is a very simple process. It needs a soothing drop of the aromatic essential oil which is to be placed near the air-inlet port of the CPAP therapy machine. The essential oil for this aromatherapy should be pleasing scented and natural to the user.

The sweet scent of the oil must provide a positive feeling and a lot of enjoyment as well peace to the patient. As soon as air is drawn into the CPAP machine, the pleasant scent of oil is delivered to the user.

Then,. The user’s mask is filled with the sweet aromatic scent which has positive psychological effects on the user. Since the CPAP aromatic oil is made totally with naturally occurring ingredients, the therapy is free from any harmful side-effects.

The users are very happy and hugely satisfied with the CPAP aromatherapy. They are having a very deep and peaceful sleep at night. As a result they feel highly refreshed in the morning.

It is an autoset process and the effect of each aromatherapy sitting lasts for a very long time. The therapy has provided the patients with a lot of relief from daily stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue, mental strains, etc.

How to avail the CPAP aromatherapy oils?

The essential oils for CPAP aromatherapy comes with a starter pack. It is a holistic system consisting of aromatics and essential oils, specially designed to complement the CPAP therapy.

These oils are available in a wide variety of soothing fragrances. The sweet scent of the oil will slowly diffuse into your nose and provide you with a lot of relief and sound sleep at night.

You will have a great feeling of warmth, calmness and relaxation after undergoing this CPAP aromatherapy system with all the essential oils. You can avail it in a pack of 3 bottles essential oil, 10 Diffusion Wafers, 10 Sample Aromatics, 2 Diffusion Trays and Zipper Storage Bags.

The various types of these scented essential oils include Clear, Peace and Spice essential oils. The various benefits of these solutions include more relaxation, concentration, mind focusing power, driving out all the distractions from your mind, memory improvement, etc.

It will smooth your entire central nervous system and provide you with endless peace, calmness and joyful feeling. The CPAP machines and these essential oils must be very much compatible with each other in order to provide the perfect treatment to the sufferers.

Thus, it is always advisable to avail these essential oils online from the most reputed brands in the global industry. The top aroma therapists can help you in making the right selection.

Therefore, these therapies are the best treatments for sleeping disorders.