BiPAP Machine

bipap machine

BiPAP is another modification form of CPAP machine. BiPAP stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure. This system can help you solve your sleep apnea problem easily. When you are looking for an effective non-invasive form of the sleep apnea therapy, you can consider using this powerful treatment every day.  
Difference Between CPAP and BiPAP 
Before you use this treatment, you need to learn about some differences between CPAP and BiPAP system. Both treatments have some similarities. BiPAP is trademarked by the Respironics company for the bilevel positive airway pressure. Keep reading this article to find some details that can differentiate this BiPAP system with the regular CPAP treatment. Here are some differences that you should know between those two treatments. It is not difficult for you to understand the whole differences between those two treatments.  
1. BiPAP uses two pressures 
This is the main point that is offered by this system. This BiPAP treatment is going to use two pressures as its medium to treat any sleep apnea problems. The BiPAP unit is able to alternate in between those two different pressures. As the result, you can breathe out from the lower pressure easily. It can provide comfortable feeling for most users. Because of this feature, some users are required to use this machine. Some users are unable to use CPAP machine because of the discomfort feeling from the CPAP machine.  
2. BiPAP is used to treat central sleep apnea 
This is another difference that can be found between those two treatments. The BiPAP treatment is commonly used to treat central sleep apnea. This situation is characterized by some pauses in the breathing process. This treatment is commonly used to treat this situation because this treatment can use its low pressure from its tubing system. When you are suffering from the central sleep apnea issue, you can consider using this BiPAP treatment. Therefore, you need to discuss with your doctors to talk about your sleep disorder. Most professional doctors are able to help you find the right treatment for your sleep apnea problem. 
BiPAP Benefits 
BiPAP treatment is very popular among many users these days. This treatment is believed to be very effective to treat any sleep apnea problems. There are many other benefits that are provided by this treatment. Many people are interested with this BiPAP treatment because they are interested with all benefits from this system. When you talk with many doctors, some of them are going to recommend the use of this BiPAP unit in your daily life. Here are some common benefits that you can get from this treatment.  
1. Easy to use 
There is no complicated procedure on how you can install this device. You can simply use this BiPAP device around your mouth, chin, nose, and cheek. You can read the whole instructions from the owner’s manual. After you use this machine on your face, you are able to start the treatment process. The installation process doesn’t take too much of your own valuable time. If you don’t have a lot of time for taking care of your sleep apnea problem, this BiPAP unit can be a great option for you. You can also bring this BiPAP unit at anytime you want, especially when you travel to other areas.  
2. Comfortable for most users 
When you are using this powerful machine, you can feel comfortable with the treatment. This treatment is going to reduce the overall pressure that is commonly used in the CPAP treatment. As the result, it can be used to improve your sleep quality. You are able to feel comfortable when you are sleeping. This device can help you enjoy deep sleep in your daily life. Because of this reason, this machine is commonly recommended for all people with sleep apnea disorder.  
3. Easy to clean  
This is another benefit that you can achieve from using this machine. This reliable machine can be cleaned easily and quickly. You don’t need to spend your time for cleaning this device. You can find special cleaner for cleaning this machine completely. It is recommended for you to clean this machine regularly, in order to maintain the overall function and all benefits from this product. After you are done with your BiPAP treatment, you can clean all parts of this machine, including mask, liners, tube, and many other important parts of this machine completely. 
Effects of BiPAP 
You should understand that this treatment can cause some effects in certain people. Some allergic people are going to suffer from certain effects, especially when they are using this treatment for the first time. However, some of these side effects may not last for a long time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting any of these side effects. You can also discuss about these side effects with your professional doctors, so they can provide you some recommendations on how you can use this incredible machine easily.  
1. Skin irritation 
This side effect may occur when you don’t use the BiPAP unit correctly. When the mask doesn’t fit well on your face, you are going to suffer from skin irritation and discomfort feeling on your skin. In order to avoid this skin problem, you need to select the best BiPAP mask that can fit well on your face.  
2. Bloating 
This is another common effect that can be suffered by many patients these days. The bloating on the stomach can be caused by the excess air from the BiPAP device. There are some other common effects that may come with the bloating symptom, including nausea, stomach ache, and also vomiting. You should adjust your position properly, in order to avoid this bloating effect on your stomach.  
3. Dryness 
Some people complain about the dryness feeling on their skin, especially when they are using this machine regularly. Dried and chapped lips can occur in some people. Some patients are also going to suffer from mild nosebleed during this treatment. However, you don’t need to worry about this side effect. This effect only occurs in first-time users who don’t have a lot of experience with this treatment.