5 Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

5 Best Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

Is snoring too much of a problem to you? Has it affected your relationship with others around you? If it has, you should face it and look for ways to eliminate it. You can start yoga exercises or purchase anti-snoring mouthpieces. The following are some of the best mouthpieces that can work for you:

1. Snorex

Snorex mouth piece functions as a jaw retaining device and Apnea Sciences Corporation manufactures it. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved this mouthpiece. The device has many similar features to those of other anti snoring devices. It sustains lower jaw forward position and therefore prevents airway blocking. Blockage of airways is the primary cause of snoring. A single Snorex costs $99.

The mouthpiece includes a micro-adjustment calibrator which ensures effectiveness and comfort. You can easily adjust the mouthpiece in 1mm increments. The absence of screws, springs, rods and rubber bands makes this mouthpiece to stand out as more effective. Therefore, it is very easy to adjust the device to fit into your requirements. As an added benefit, the mouthpiece never causes constant pressure to the jaws which may cause temporomandibular joint disorders or pains.

The manufacturer makes the mouthpiece with medical grade components and copolymers and therefore you should be sure of comfortable use. It also features a trademarked Flex-Jaw feature which facilitates controlled lateral movements. Furthermore, it a thermal fit design which delivers a precise fit to the patient’s mouth. Its V-flow feature facilitates unhindered air flow through the mouth. With its unique design and easier and precise incremental adjustments, Snorex is ideal solution for your snoring problems.

2. Zquiet

Zquiet is another mandibular advancement device made of very soft rubber-like material. It holds the lower jaw forward therefore widening airways and facilitating free air movement and prevents restriction of air inflow. The actual material that the producer uses to make this device is a thermoplastic elastomer that doesn’t contain latex or BPA’s.

It functions just like the other MAD devices even though the manufacturer hinges it at the jaw, naming it the “living hinge” technology. This allows the mouth to move freely and you can be able to talk easily or even sip some water without having to remove the device. It also features breathing holes in its front which are beneficial to people who breathe through their mouth when asleep. If you use it regularly, possibly, the device will last for several months.

It is usable right from the box although it may need some customization to achieve optimal performance. The manufacturer also offers a 30 day free trial. But you will have to pay $9.95 as the processing and shipping cost which is not refundable and pay it upfront.

Zquiet is much thinner than the typical self-fitted “boil and bite” mouthpieces. Overall, users of this mouthpiece have reported better results and the company website reports 94% as the success rate. Most users report that the device works from the start.

3. Vitalsleep

Vitalsleep is designed to hold your lower jaw in a forward position when you are asleep. By doing this, it ensures that your airways remain free from any obstructions. If you are like many other snorers, you might have not noticed how the snoring sound you produce wakes up your spouse several times in a single night. Generally, the snoring sound comes as a result of your jaw relaxing and blocking the airways.

As you force the air through the small openings, your soft tissues vibrate and as a result you produce the snoring sound. Vitalsleep holds the lower jaw in the right position and keeps the airways open throughout the night. In addition to helping solve the snoring problem, the device also ensures that your lungs get enough oxygen.

The devices come in two sizes. The regular size is suitable for men while the small is ideal for women. Just like the other MAD, this device utilizes the boil and bite technique therefore offering the best customized fit.

Vitalsleep also allows for incremental lower jaw adjustments. This way, you are able to attain the right positioning for your mouth. With the features, you are able to sleep comfortably throughout the night. It has a Hex tool which you use to make the adjustments.

4. Snore guard

Snore Guard retains your jaw by holding your lower jaw forward. To achieve the result, you will have to fit it over your teeth. It utilizes the mandibular repositioning technique, utilized by many other competitors. The device prevents airways narrowing which can prevent smooth breathing and also create a bad sound.

The device comes in one piece design. And you will not need to use any wires or elastic bands when fitting it. However, you will not wear it immediately after removing it from the packaging box. You will need the help of a dentist when fitting it for the first time. The dentist starts by softening the inner lining to ensure that the mouthpiece properly fits inside your mouth. Dentists and physicians have prescribed the mouthpiece since 1989 and it is therefore safe to use.

The device has some drawbacks. To purchase it, you will need a dentist prescription contrary to the other devices which you can easily purchase from stores. And you will also need to pay a dentist to custom fit the product.

5. Good Morning Snoring Solution (GMSS)

GMSS utilizes tongue displacement technology and therefore eliminates snoring problems permanently. Unlike the MAD devices which holds your lower jaw forward, this device holds your tongue in forward position. This removes the chances of gravity pulling the tongue backwards when sleeping which can cause airway blocking.

If your tongue falls back, the soft tissue vibrates while it forces air out. This creates the snoring sound. The theory behind the device is that if you are able to hold your tongue in the right place while asleep, air will flow freely into and out of your lungs. This will ensure that your body gets enough oxygen that you need.

With the devices, you will not need to go for yoga classes or do any exercises to eliminate snoring issues naturally. You will be able to use the devices easily and also attain better results. Most users in their reviews have expressed good results after using the devices. Finally, it’s important to not that the devices are very safe.